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Honda Headlight Assembly Removal

The procedure for Old model Honda HeadLight assembly Removal.

In this chapter the details and help diagrams are also provided for Pre-1995 after 1995 and Latest Honda Head light bulb removal and diagrams.Please View that also.This will give you complete idea about what difference is there between today's Honda Headlamp assembly and old model Honda Head Lamp assemblies.

The complete detailed step by step procedure.

The details covers MAIN TOPIC Honda Accord/Prelude 1984-1995.
AND OTHER MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS FOR Honda/Prelude after 1995 and very Latest headlamp difference.

The Front Bumper has to be removed,that gives you complete and easiest access to replace headlight assembly.

Dont pull Headlight assembly,once you view it.There are delicate connectors that are to be disconnected first.Its a plug in/plug out type wire connectors.First disconnect the connectors,then remove screws and you can now remove complete headlight assembly.


First Know and Understand About the Bulb/Headlamps:---

There are two general styles of headlamps, the sealed beam and replaceable bulb type. The sealed beam is by far the most common and includes almost all of the circular and rectangular lamps found on vehicles built through the 1980s. The sealed beam is so named because it includes the lamp (filament), the reflector and the lens in one sealed unit. Sealed beams are available in several sizes and shapes. All Honda vehicles covered in this information except the 1990-95 Accord and 1992-95 Prelude use sealed beam headlights. These latest Accords and Preludes use replaceable bulbs in fixed housings.


Sealed Beams.
To understand the procedure 
See Figures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
FIG : Fig. 1: Headlamp mounting on 1984-85 Accords
adjusting headlight
Fig. 2: Headlamp mounting on 1986-89 Accords and 1984-91 Preludes
old model headlight system

CAUTION:--- Most headlight retaining rings and trim bezels have very sharp edges. Wear gloves. Never pry or push on a headlamp; it can shatter suddenly.Go slow and do it carefully.

Some car models have popping up or spring retracting headlamps.

On cars with pop-up or retracting headlamps, turn the ignition switch OFF . Operate the retractor switch on the dash to bring the headlight doors up. The headlights should be off when the doors are up.
Remove the headlight bezel (trim).

On 1984-85 Accord, the trim involves the one piece lamp surround and corner molding.

honda headlamp

Fig. 3: Remove the screws securing the headlight bezel

The sealed beam is held in place by a retainer and either 2 or 4 small screws. Identify these screws before applying any tools. Do not confuse the small retaining screws with the larger aiming screws. There will be two aiming screws or adjustors for each lamp. (One adjustor controls the up/down motion and the other controls the left/right motion.) Identify the adjustors and avoid them during removal. If they are not disturbed, the new headlamp should be in identical aim to the old one.
Using a small screwdriver (preferably magnetic) and a pair of needle-nose pliers if necessary, remove the small screws in the headlamp retainer.

headlight retaining ring

Fig. 4: Remove the screws securing the retaining ring. Be sure not to disturb the adjusting screws

A HELPFUL TIP:---A good kitchen or household magnet placed on the shank of the screwdriver will provide enough grip to hold the screw during removal.

Remove the retainer and the headlamp may be gently pulled free from its mounts. Detach the connector from the back of the sealed beam unit and remove the unit from the car.

remove headlight diagram
Fig. 5: Remove the retaining ring ...

disconnect headlamp connector
Fig. 6: ... then unplug the connector from the back of the lamp. Be sure to transfer the rubber boot to the new lamp

To install:
Once the old faulty bulb/lamp is removed out.now its tiome to install new headlamp.please buy exact bulb.There are many quality bulb available.But the exact bulb,which is supporting your cars headlight assembly.
  1. Place the new headlamp in position and connect the wiring harness. Remember to install the rubber boot on the back of the new lamp. Also, make sure the headlight is right-side up.
  2. Have an assistant turn on the headlights and check the new lamp for proper function, checking both high and low beams before final assembly.
  3. Install the retainer and the small screws that secure it.
  4. Reinstall the headlight trim.The procedure is done.

  1. Replaceable Bulb HEADLIGHT ASSEMBLY

For more help please view  Figure 7 which is shown below:----
Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Raise and prop the hood.
Remove any components necessary to access the lamp.

Fig. 7: Late model Accords and Preludes are equipped with replaceable bulb headlamps
just remove the screws,,the assembly will pull out.

There are three flanges that attach to the Honda, two beneath the lamp and one on the side near the signal lense. The diagram shows bullet like or bolts that go into the flanges. You  need to remove the bolts through the flanges before pulling assembly.
honda headlamp
    Unplug the connector from the back of the lamp. The connector may be very tight and require wiggling to loosen; support the lamp while with your other hand while wiggling the connector loose. Turn the retaining ring counterclockwise, then pull the bulb from the lamp housing.

  1. FOLLOW THIS INSTALLATION PROCEDURE:------------ To install:

  2. WARNING:=====
  3. Hold the new bulb by the base; do not touch the glass part with fingers or gloves. The grease left on the glass will form hot spots and shorten the life of the bulb. If the glass is accidentally touched, clean the glass with alcohol.
    Install the new bulb. Make certain all three guide tabs fit into their correct slots. Turn the ring clockwise to lock it in place. Engage the wiring connector firmly. Connect the negative battery cable and turn the headlights on. Check both high and low beam function. Reinstall any components removed for lamp access.

Also see this Diagram Showing Today's Latest Model Headlight Assembly.
The Front bumper fender has to be out.

On this latest model that is after 2000 to 2008 year models.
It shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes or so to get the bumper off, there will be 16 push pins to remove, 4 bolts, and 2 screws, nothing too difficult. Once you have all of the fasteners out you just pull out on the back of the bumper near the wheels, it'll pop out of the groove it sits in.
First you'll need to remove the front bumper, this illustration will show you all the fasteners you'll need to remove.

bumper removal diagram

Once you have the bumper off it's pretty straight forward to remove the headlamp assembly. just remove the bolts as shown in this illustration.

remove Honda headlight

Now once you have the headlamp unbolted.Then all basics needs to be follows that is  unplug the connectors, remove it and install the new headlamp assembly, replacing all of the bolts you removed, then reinstall the bumper.

This details will help.

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