Friday, July 20, 2012

Volvo Seat Removal with Heated Seats?

Removing passenger seat with heated seat on 2002 Volvo S80.

Its not a easy task,on some cases it can be dangerous due to Airbag.

The front seat removal  is technically a dangerous operation due to the vehicles SRS system.
For these procedure the vehicles battery should be disconnected.Then let the vehicle sit for a long while to discharge any remaining power in the system before removal of the front seat to prevent accidental airbag deployment. The seat should also be grounded to the frame of the vehicle during the removal process.

Now the seat removal procedure.

The seat is held by 4 bolts.Very easy to remove if bolts are not rusted or got worn out.In that cases a rust remover spary like wd-40 or other rust resistant spray needs to be used.So remove the four bolts holding the seat to the floor.

The next step is to remove seat belt.So detaching the seat belt from the seat to allow removal of the seat belt.

The large trim panel blocking the seat belt needs to be removed to be able to remove the seat belt
See the diagram shown below:---
Volvo seat belt removal

For easy access the catches for the handle above need to be released with a small screw driver, then the handle can be pulled off "upwards".

And remove the large trim panel.Once that is done.Then pull the front edge of the panel upwards first, and then the entire panel toward the rear of the car to remove it
See the help diagram shown below:---
seat removal diagram

Once this step is done,now you get complete access .This will expose the seat belt bracket itself for removal

See the help diagram shown below:---
volvo seat belt

These procedure will let you get the seat out.
Now if you need to change the seat cover the headrest or lumbar support knob should come off.
For that,Spin the knob counter-clockwise until it stops.Continue screwing counter-clockwise and pull out hard.

NOTE: While re-installing the knob you will have to press the knob "in" first and then screw it clockwise to tighten it back on.

These details will help.

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