Sunday, December 16, 2012

Issues with the "up" tilt control

Vehicle tilt control issues

Tilt steering removal

Trim works down but will not work upward

The issue can be faulty relay or he faulty trim switch

Next time when the same problem occurs  use the trim switch on the motor pan. If the trim works there, then the trim switch is bad, if no change then  swap the relays around and see problem solves or not.
But if the issue goes to the down then you know you have a relay issue. The relays are located on the side of the engine where all the wires connect to the start solenoid. The relays look like a square box 1"x 1'' they will be side by side and just plug in to the harness.

See the relay location diagram shown below:---

tilt trim relay

Replace both relays. Check all the connections in the relay socket where the relay plugs in. Do the swap just to be sure the relay is the issue, most likely is but just for verification. Check the plug that connects the trim motor to the relays. The plug is right close to the relays it will have a green and blue wire.

These details will help.


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