Monday, December 17, 2012

Mazda Seat Heater Relay

Mazda Millenia Seat heater not working

It can be faulty Seat heater switch or wiring or its faulty relay

For Seat heater wiring diagram

For relay location diagram see below:----

The relay is located behind the rear seat back.

Service and Repair
Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Remove the rear seat back.

mazda seat heater

1998 Mazda Millenia

Wiring Color Code Chart mentioned below:-----
Color Code
Blue L
Black B
Brown BR
Dark Blue DL
Dark Green DG
Green G
Gray GY
Light Blue BL
Light Green LG
Natural N
Orange O
Pink P
Red R
Purple PU
Sky Blue SB
Tan T
White W
Yellow Y
Violet V

These details will help.


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