Friday, June 14, 2013

Dodge Caliber ETC light comes on, the car bucks and loses acceleration

2011 Dodge Caliber ETC light comes ON

Car bucks and loses Acceleration

Q: 2011 Dodge Caliber. The ETC light comes on, the car bucks and loses acceleration.

A: This seems to be a common problem in the Caliber.
Correctly repairing the problem will require diagnosing it. There are few possibilities that can cause such problem.When the ETC light comes on it is because the powertrain control module (PCM) has seen a problem somewhere that affects it's ability to control engine RPM and it sets a fault code.

Troubleshooting has to go step by step.The first step in diagnosing the problem is seeing what fault codes are stored from there, an accurate diagnosis will most likely require some testing to be done at the time it is acting up.

As per the problem described it seems that issue is bad MAP sensor, throttle body, a vacuum leak, wiring, the PCM itself, etc. It sounds like the engine is going into limp-in, which often happens when the PCM sees a problem on either the throttle body's TPS or drive motor circuits. I've seen a handful of throttle body failures on these cars, there's a good chance that is what your car needs.

Any professional garage shop should be able to diagnose and repair the problem. If it does need a throttle body then it will most likely need to come from a dealer,because  aftermarket will not carry a replacement for throttle body.

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