Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to replace head lights on car?

You suspect the bulb is burned out, but how do you get at it?

First, make sure you buy the right bulbs for your socket. Using the wrong bulb can damage your wiring. Take the old bulb out and make sure it looks like the right one (fits and has contacts that align with the contacts in the socket). You can always have the parts store look up your car and tell you which bulbs to buy.

Head Lights:
Bulbs (most modern cars) usually go in thru the back (through the engine compartment) of the lens housing. The bulb/socket is usually held in by a twist of the socket. Twist it loose, pull it out, and remove the bulb from the socket. Some sockets are held in by clips instead of twisting. Make sure you understand yours before forcing it. Also note, some sockets are permanently attached to the bulb, but these always have a connector that unplugs at the socket.
Sealed beams are held in by a ring with 3 screws. Pull the connector off the back and take the 3 screws out of the front. Be careful that you are NOT turning the adjuster screws!! The ring screws are smaller and there are 3 versus only 2 adjusters. You may find it too tight to access the screws. If there is a trim piece you can take off to get better access, do that. Otherwise just sneak a small screwdriver into the crack. Take the ring and bulb out. The new bulb only goes in one way--it should lock in when you have it turned upright. Put the ring back on and reconnect the bulb.

Car lights not working, even after replacing the bulb/lamp?

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