Sunday, October 16, 2011

Charging A/C System on Lexus RX 300?

Do you have access to a a/c service machine? A few facts about your vehicle, first there are no common problems or leaks by design on your vehicle. In other words it is not normal for you to have to add refrigerant. The a/c system in your vehicle uses R-134a refrigerant, capacity volume is 650g +or- 50g. If you overcharge the system you can do damage, if you undercharge the system will not properly operate. Also if the system has a leak and is losing oil you can do damage to the system by recharging and running with low oil in the system. The best thing to do if the system is low on refrigerant is to have it evacuated, add leak dye to the system and recharge to the proper level and add oil if needed. The system can then be checked with a UV light and a gas leak detector to see where the system is leaking at. The only common issue on this RX is related to road debri (rocks) damaging the condenser. I would recommend paying very close attention to this for any wet points that indicate a leak and oil loss.
The Freon/refrigerant line is connected to condenser.The  sight glass is in front of the condenser. The suction and pressure lines are identified in this diagram: See the diagram below, that will give more details:-----



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