Saturday, October 29, 2011

Intake Manifold Gasket Problem on Chevrolet?

Intake Manifold Gasket related problems are noticed by Chevy model vehicles.
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The problem is rooted in General Motors's design. GM uses a plastic material in manufacturing its intake manifold gaskets. As such, it led to troubles resulting in car coolant leaks. When the coolant leaks, it can cause chaos in the engine, for instance, getting your car's battery messed up. And, yes, it is a culprit to overheating too. Worse, a leaking intake manifold gasket can affect the performance of other car parts, say, the oxygen sensors and the catalytic converter. The solution here is to take out your erratic gaskets and install quality replacements. First, you need to take out the distributor from the top of the intake manifold, disconnect the upper radiator hose and the water pump hose from the front of the intake manifold, and remove the manifold's bolts using a wrench. After that, lower the intake manifold onto the gaskets, then install and tighten the manifold's retaining bolts. Return the hoses and the distributor and you are done.

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