Monday, December 17, 2012

Lincoln Town Car Driver Door Module Diagram

Driver door module wiring diagram

Location of DDM ( Driver Door Module) On Lincoln Town Car And its diagram

Driver Door Module (DDM) Is very important feature on latest car models.

For Lincoln Town Car The DDM (Driver Door Module) is located in the driver's door.

It controls and monitors the inputs and provides outputs and diagnostic information for the following multiple vehicle systems:

Power door locks
Power mirrors
Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) system

  • The DDM monitors all of the door ajar switches hardwired to the module. 
This door ajar information is sent to the Vehicle Dynamics Module (VDM) using the Standard Corporate Protocol (SCP) communication network.
Diagnostic information is also retrieved from the DDM on the SCP communication network.

  • The power door locks, power mirrors and the RKE system are all controlled by the DDM. 
If equipped with memory seats, the seat adjust switch provides inputs to the DDM, which sends this information to the DSM over the SCP network.

If not equipped with a power luggage compartment lid, the DDM receives an input from the luggage compartment lid release switch and operates the luggage compartment lid release solenoid.

If equipped with a power luggage compartment lid, the DDM sends a signal to the Liftgate/Trunk Module (LTM), which will operate the luggage compartment lid release solenoid.

See below the DDM module and its related component diagram:----

Driver door module wiring diagram

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