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Are Old Car Batteries Faulty

There is no deal with battery old or new.
Its all about the capacity of charge it holds and for how much time it can hold up to that charge.

Yes by its age the battery gets weak and the capacity to hold the charge gets less and due to these reasons the battery shows 12 volt and still needs replacement.

The battery has to be properly checked before considering it OK. The battery requires more than just a voltage level to be good, in that when a battery dies, under most circumstances it will still show ~12.5V. This is because the voltage level is a function of the cells inside the battery. Each cell has approximately 1.75 to 2.25 volt capacity, and in order for a cell to drop below 1.75, it has to physically short/collapse/etc... meaning as long as you do not have a dead cell, you will always have 11V or high in a battery, regardless of it's charge level.So even weak battery will show good voltage.But its all about for how much time it can hold up to that 12 volt charge.

So if you assume that battery is good,but still you think that battery is very old and can be the problem,then dont hesitate to get the battery bench tested to confirm its charging holding and in-charge capacity.
The charge level is only able to be tested by load application, requiring a battery tester. This will determine the total amount of amperage available in the battery, and the effective amperage drop under load.
Getting the battery tested with proper tools will let you know whether is sure shot battery problem or something else causing the battery to get drained and making it low on charge.

These details will help.

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Dash Lights And Front Marker Lights Flashing On And Off


Mitsubishi Dash Board Lights Front Marker Lights flashing ON & OFF with engine not turning over.

All the issue started after alternator was replaced.
The problem noticed on 1999 Mitsubishi Montero

These is Security related issue and your vehicles security system needs to be reset.

On these cases the RED alarm warning light will come up ON dash.

On the dashboard see to the left of the steering wheel and see if you have a red LED.That is Alarm warning light/the security system light.

That has to be reset.

The reset procedure is as follows:----

  1. First disconnect battery then wait for a minute then again reconnect so that the alarm is "going off"
  2. After that insert the key into the ignition like regular.
  3. Press the red LED and hold it down (it will go down about 1/16" inch).That red led is like a button,which can be pressed down by gently pushing it in inward direction.
  4. Please don't release that red LED button.Keep it pressed.While holding the LED, turn the key to the Start position and the alarm should cancel and allow starting again.
If these no start issue and interior light blinking is related to security system getting disabled,then these simple procedure will solve your issue,but if the problem is not related to security system getting disabled,then in that case the dashboard wiring,fuse in fuse box and alternator wiring needs to be checked/inspected.Anyways the problem started after replacing the alternator.So its quite possible that some wires or component got moved or got mis-connected wrongly causing these problem.

These details will help.

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Engine Air Intake Cover

2004 Mitsubishi Montero Sports LS Engine Air Intake Cover missing

Some car models had it previously and some don't  I don't think it can be missing.On your particular year car model,there was no such cover installed.

Actually its the plastic cover on top of engine. It covers the spark plug assembly.Its actually the flat piece of plastic that covers the intake manifold and wires, etc... this is referred to as the Engine Air Intake Cover.

There are three different versions of this part depending on year and engine size.You will have to provide your vehicles VIN number.That is 14 digit VIN number to the nearest Mitsubishi service center and they will get you confirm whether these cover was introduced to your vehicle or not.

See the diagram below that shows how the Engine Air Intake Cover Looks 

Intake cover assembly

As per our knowledge and garage repair experience on Mitsubishi car repairs i would say that your vehicle was not supposed to have this cover due to your production date. As per Mitsubishi service center details the 3.5L models Mitsubishi vehicles stopped using the cover in July 2003 on-wards  so if your vehicle has a build date after July 2003.Then you know that on your vehicle there is no such cover introduced by the company. This doesn't mean it may not have come with it when it was new by accident, but by date it wasn't supposed to have it any more.

But in case if you really want to add these cover to your vehicles intake system,then you can definitely.But just you should get right cover fitting,that will get fit on your car model.

If you wanted to add one we would use the late 2003/early 2004 part number which would be MD339615. 

If you wanted the "3500" sticker on the side (shown in the left top corner of the illustration I provided), it is part number MD339994.
You would also want the one long bolt MF140218 ($2) and three short bolts MF140205 ($0.50).
These parts are available at  car parts stores or you can order it online through 


These online site sells all parts at 25% off MSRP. 
So that would save some dollars for you.

Again just to be clear, there is no harm in going without this as it was eliminated mid-year in 2004.

These details will help.

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Cylinder Head Torque Setting

2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Cylinder head bolt torque setting

Timing belt cylinder head torque setting

Once the cylinder head is removed out or to remove cylinder head the proper tool is required.

There is a proper order that the bolts need to be tightened,otherwise the cylinder head will be little loose or may be over-tight.

To install the cylinder head there are few several steps of tightening. 
Perform them in the following order properly,to complete the installation properly:----

  • Tighten bolts in sequence to 58 ft/lbs
  • Loosen all bolts in sequence and not randomly.
  • Tighten all bolts in sequence to 15 ft/lbs
  • Tighten all bolts in sequence an additional 90 degrees (Always keep a colorful markers ready to mark the heads of the bolt,so you can see your rotation in case you lose track)
  • Tighten all bolts in sequence a second 90 degrees

Once you follow these basics the cylinder head is now torqued properly.

If possible always use new bolts.But if old bolts are in good condition then you can re-use them.These bolts are stretch to yield bolts.These bolts loose there shape,gets bit expanded by time. If you are using new bolts, there is no issue; if you are reusing your old bolts, you need to measure them to make sure they are still in specification. From the end of the bolt to the bottom of the bolt head should be no more than 3.91 inches. If it exceeds that length, the bolt should be replaced to avoid any potential breaking/excess stretching on installation.If you still use the same bolt,which is out of its specs then the performance may show up.The cylinder head or timing belt may get damaged.

Please view to these help image/diagram for cylinder head bolt tightening sequence.
These is the correct sequence in which the bolts needs to be tightened.

torque specs

These details will help.

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