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Jeep:Radiator fan won't turn off

Engine Cooling Fan will run Non-stop forever

Even with ignition off the fan runs non-stop.

These drains the battery in few hours.

Problem noticed in 1998 Jeep Cherokee

If the fan is running,these clears that fuse is OK.Because if fuse is blown,the fan will not turn ON.

The doubt goes on cooling fan relay.The relay is got bypassed.

The fan relay is likely shorted and keeping the fan motor energize
To check this you can remove the relays from the fuse panel
Remove the cooling fan rely from the underhood fuse box

See below Power distribution center fuse box diagram shown below:----

1998 Jeep Cherokee Fuse box

underhood fuse box

You have to see the section marked "C" which is the Cooling Fan Relay

the relay is a square black plastic box, the relay/fuse box is next to the battery. It is a long (10" x 5") black box with a plastic cover that swings up from one of the long ends.
Pull the relay out and see if Fan stops running or not.

Beside radiator cooling fan relay there are many other relays too,insert that relays in place of cooling fan relay and see if fan functions right or not.

But if you swap the relay and same issue with new relay or another relay too,then another possibility is faulty ignition switch.These is because when you turn on the ignition the fan relay and other relay gets power,if the ignition switch is off then another relay should not get power.Test voltage at ignition switch with ignition off,no volt should be there.If yes then ignition switch is faulty causing the problem.

These details will help.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

OBD Code P1490 low speed fan relay ckt open-short

No Coolant Fan running on Chrysler Vehicle

When these problem occurs you get OBD code P1490

These coolant  fan has 2 speeds. High and low speeds. These speeds are controlled by its respective relays.There are two relays.One controls high and other controls low.
There are 3 wires at the fan motor. One is ground for both fan motor speeds and the other 2 are for the high and low speeds.
To confirm the problem try these give 12 volt power from another battery source like from cig lighter or from fuse connector or from battery positive supply.Run a direct wire from 12 volt source to the fan supply wire and see if the fan starts running or not.

You have to supply power to one of the speeds and see if the fan works. You can verify it by checking the other speed as well to insure it does work on one of the speeds and that you are checking it correctly. If one of the speeds does not work then the fan will need to be replaced.

See below coolant fan and fan relay wiring diagram :-----

The yellow wire is the high speed and the green is the low speed.
Give power to each wire one by one and see if fan runs on both sped or not.It should run,if its not running then faulty fan.If it runs then its confirm that actual fan wiring is short or faulty in between.So you can get it rewired to solve the problem.

Chrysler cooling fan wiring diagram

These diagram will help.



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Ignition module located on Chevy Silverado K1500

Where is ignition module located on Chevy 

When ignition module gets faulty,ignition related faults will be noticed while driving and starting the car.

The problems like

Engine stutter, No spark issues, random misfiring,

For Chevy silverado K1500 model the ignition module is located bracked beside the throttle body.

Here is a image showing exact location of ignition module on your vehicle.

ignition module diagram

These details will help.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brake lights not working

Brake light on  Buick Park Avenue not working.

The possibilities can be faulty brake light switch or issue with brake light itself or its fuse blown out.

Turn signal lights and Hazard Flashers work ok,but brake light not turning on.

In that case i first suggest to test the brake light switch to brake light lamp wiring

View at the stop lamp switch, you will see there is an orange and a light blue wire.
Now out of these two wires the orange wire needs to be hot at all times.
If not, check the "STOP" fuse in the underhood electrical center. If  fuse is checked ok then...........

check for power at the light blue wire when the brake pedal is depressed. If no power, the switch is faulty and needs to be replaced.
But before light switch replacement,i suggest check the condition of wires.If wires look worn out r pinched in between.Then its wiring issue and switch has to be rewired.

If power is ok on the light blue wire when the pedal is depressed, then the problem is between the brake switch and the rear tail lights. That could get complicated to troubleshoot

You will need brake system wiring diagram..
See below the wiring diagram for your Buick brake system

Please confirm properly does the "stop" fuse actually have power to both sides of it when touched from the top with a test light? If the fuse has power to both sides, then there is a wiring problem between the fuse block and the brake switch.
here is a diagram shown below:----

buick brake wiring diagram

Now if there is no power to either side of fuse then  run a + wire to the switch from 12 volt source.

Or you can use the fused wire to save time at this point.

These details will help.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

2001 ford F150 sunroof stuck


Sunroof stuck up closed,these problem is due to faulty sunroof switch or issue with faulty blown sunroof fuse.

Or its faulty motor,which slides the sunroof top open and close.

There can be number of electrical issues, the simplest being a blown fuse.
First check the fuse panel for the window operation fuse; if it's blown, replace it.

On some cases there is a leak noticed from side tracks of sunroof,these is due to cracked or wornout seals causing the water to leak.Replacing the worn out old seals with new seals will hail the problem.

Sunroof is open,but now it will not close,on that case the problem is faulty sunroof switch.
First check power to the sunroof control fuse.If there is power then it can be faulty switch.

In that case you have to manually close the sunroof.

These manual procedure is not present on all vehicles but on some vehicles the procedure is there to close the stuck open sunroof,

First locate the round plastic cover behind the roof . It must be located on top on the roof  ceiling. Pry off the plastic cover to reveal the Allen bolt for the sunroof motor.
Now once you located the bolt,With an Allen wrench, close the roof manually by turning the bolt counterclockwise.
That is what motor does,when switch is powering the motor.
But if switch is faulty,then motor will not receive the signal from sunroof switch and it will not run to close the sunroof.

On some Ford F150 there is a small Allen socket in the center of the drive gear case on the motor, which you can stick an Allen-socket in and crank the roof back closed.

sunroof is stuck open, the motor will make a noise when trying to open more, but does nothing when trying to close...no noise no movement.

On some cases the issue is with motor and not the switch.

The problem occurs same if switch is faulty or motor is faulty.

Remove the headliner, and manually close the sunroof with a star bit and screwdriver.
once the headliner is out, or pulled down enough to access the motor, which is directly behind the the back of the sunroof.
Use the star bit with a screwdriver and manually crank it closed.
The problem was motor and replacing the motor solved the issue.

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Car Radio Problems


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These list always gets updated,so you can note down these link or bookmark these link for future reference too

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Lincoln Signature Series Engine Compartment Fuse Box

Rear Air Suspension Not Working on 1998 Lincoln Car

Air Suspension controlling fuse needs to be checked.

Location on Rear Airsuspension fuse and its fuse box diagram is as follows:-----

The fuse is located in the power distribution box. Fuse number  #12 which is located on the driver's side of the engine compartment controls air suspension.

See the fuse box detailed diagram shown below:-----

engine compartment fuse box

For Exact location of Underhood components on your car,check the link below
Lincoln Underhood components 

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Directional signals and flashers quit working

1998 Lincoln Towncar Directional signals and flashers not working

In that case the fuse controlling flashers and turn signals need to be checked

Lincoln Towncar instrument panel fuse box 

You need to check fuse number 10,12 and 21 in the IP fuse box.
All the fuses are of 20AMP.

Also check for power at both sides of them with the key on.

See the Fuse wiring diagram for Flashers and Turn signals 

lincoln wiring diagram

Also one more thing,

The Turn Signal Flasher output is provided by the Lighting Control Module.Its also called as LCM.
These LCM is located under dash behind the LH side of the instrument panel.
There are no separate relays for Turn Signal Flasher output aside from the LCM.

Don't replace LCM without checking the switch first. If it is the turn signals and the hazards, then I would think it is going to be a fuse.If fuse is not blown,then it can be faulty Hazard switch or its wiring issue.If all checked ok,then its faulty LCM.

For how to replace LCM on Lincoln Town car,
check the link below:-----

How to replace Light control module

Before replacing any thing go with these testing possibilities :-------





These details will help.

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Instrument Panel lights Now Working

2003 Acura Instrument Panel lights not working

Interior compartment and instrument Panel lights Now Working

The possibilities are faulty blown fuse or issue with wiring.

Either the fuse is blown or its wiring is shorted or got loose disconnected in between.

See the fuse box diagram and instrument panel light wiring diagram below:------


There is a fuse block under the dash on the driver side, (also one on the passenger side) that you will want to check the #9 fuse. Here is a diagram of the inside lighting and the fuse location.

under dash fuse box



These will help.

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Saturn Underhood Components Diagram

2002 Saturn S1 Underhood Components location and Diagram

Details regarding underhood components for Saturn S1 vehicle engine

The underhood vehicle diagram is as follows:----

saturn engine components

All basic components location are shown in the image above.

Part number 1 is underhood fuse fox

For inside car underdash fuse panel check the link below:-----
Saturn Fuse Box Diagram

These details will help.

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