Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bottoms Out while driving?

This problems are noticed.
bottoms out while driving on highway.

Feels like vehicle is shaking and bottoms out on high speed.

A faulty worn out Shock or coil spring can cause this.

So check for Badly Worn or Broken Shock/Strut.If it is then this is the cause of problem.Replace it.

Broken or Weak Coil Springs.If it is then it is the cause of problem,replace it.

This will help.

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Brake drag from wheel area while driving?

There are few possibilities,that can cause this problem.

This possibilities are to be inspected to conform the problem.

1) Brake Caliper Piston Sticking can Cause Brake Drag.
2) If parking brake cables are seized,you will notice brake drag.
3) On car with brake power booster.If brake booster is incorrectly installed then dragging brake will be noticed.
4) Misadjusted stop light switch can cause brake drag.This problem is rare,but is noticed in some cars.
5) Warped or Uneven Brake Rotor Surface can cause brake drag issues.
6) If brake pad/shoes are worn out then brake drag will be noticed.Also in some cases when brake pad/shoes are replaced the brake drag is noticed and this is due to Brakes Installed or Adjusted Incorrectly.
So reinspect the parts replaced.

This are common and basic possibilities,that mostly cost the brae drag issue.

To start troubleshooting go through this possibilities.

This will help.

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Feels like backfire from engine when decelerating?

This backfire problem from engine while decelerating has multiple possibilities.

1) A faulty muffler can cause the problem.To confirm this check Worn Internal Baffles, Exhaust Leaks.

2) A faulty exhaust manifold can cause the problem.To confirm this check Cracked Manifold, Loose Mounting Bolts, Leaking Doughnut Gasket.

3) A issue with wire set.To confirm this check Worn or Damaged Spark Plug Wires.

4) A problem with Distributor cap.To confirm this check Loose, Cracked or Worn Distributor Cap.

5) A problem with spark plug. To confirm this inspect condition of spark plug,if Fouled, Damaged, or Broken Spark Plug(s).

6) Timing Specification Incorrect Ignition Timing can cause backfire.

7) On carburetor engine, Worn or Faulty Carburetor Resulting in Lean Fuel Mixture can cause backfire.

8) Burned, Worn, or Sticking Exhaust Valves can cause backfire.

9) Broken or inoperative Air Switching Solenoid can cause backfire.

This possibilities are to be checked.
To confirm the problem.

This will help.

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Where is thermostat located on 2005 Dodge neon?

It is under the housing that the upper radiator hose hooks to on the engine .

To replace thermostat follow this procedure :---
Removal & Installation

  1. Drain cooling system to the thermostat level or below.
  2. Remove coolant recovery/reserve system hose and radiator upper hose.
  3. Remove thermostat/engine outlet connector bolts.
  4. Remove thermostat and O-ring assembly. 

    Fig. Pressure cap (1), thermostat housing/engine outlet connector (2), thermostat (3), O-ring (4) and vent facing up (5)
    Pressure cap (1), thermostat housing/engine outlet connector (2), thermostat (3), O-ring (4) and vent facing up (5)
To install:
  1. Clean all sealing surfaces.
  2. Place the new thermostat assembly into the thermostat housing/outlet connector. Align vent with notch in cylinder head.
  3. Install thermostat housing/outlet connector onto cylinder head and tighten bolts to 110 inch lbs. (12.5 Nm)
  4. Install the radiator upper hose.
  5. Connect the coolant recovery/reserve system hose.
  6. Fill the cooling system

This details will help.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

where is speed sensor located on 2001 Kia Optima?

There are two sensors.
Input sensor and output sensor.

transmission output sensor. It is on top.
The transmission input sensor is located at top ot transaxle assembly. It is hidden by the air cleaner housing. Remove it to access and replace it:
The output sensor is more towards the battery tray and slightly under it:

See the diagram below :---

This will help.
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