Saturday, September 24, 2011

how to replace headlight bulb on 2001 dodge caravan sports

Replacing the headlight bulb is not very hard.You just have to do it first time.Then for next time its just a simple procedure.So first time be very slow and handle the parts gently, without forcing and without breaking anything.---------

Open up the hood, Locate on top of headlight housing 3 flat head screws, place in a triangle patterned.

remove all 3 and then using little flat handle slide out headlight housing. Some cars will have clips holding the socket in. Twist the socket a quarter turn counter clockwise, and pull out the socket. Grab the bulb, and pull it straight out. To replace the new bulb, never touch it with your bare fingers, as this will greatly shorten the bulb's life, if it even work's at all. Use a tissue or something else in that order to handle the new bulb. Push the new bulb into the socket, put the socket back into the housing, and twist a quarter turn clockwise to secure the socket into the fixture slide unit back into place, line up screw holes and replace screws tightly.

The bulb comes out from the backside of the headlight housing. Depending on how much room you have all you need to do is get your hand down there, remove the electrical connector and (if it has one) turn the retaining collar counter clockwise and remove the bulb. If it doesn't have a collor you just turn the bulb itself. And remember not to touch the glass on your new bulb as the oil from your skin will damage it.

Replace with a type 9007 bulb - about $8. Do not touch the glass on the halogen bulb; skin oil will create a hot spot that greatly reduces the life of the bulb .

Also there is one guide showing how to do this.You can click this link below and go through the guide:---]

The guide is for latest model, so the procedure for older model may differ a bit.But this guide will show the procedure to remove and reinsert the bulb.So you can an idea about how to start.---------

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