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Chrysler TC Maserati Faulty PCM

Multiple Electrical Problems On Chrysler

Chrysler PCM Problem

Q: 91 Chrysler tc Maserati while driving, a/c shuts down,speed control quits,may go to high idle, numerous engine codes appear. let it set for 20 or 30 minutes and everything normal again.

Additional Info For Error Codes Retrieved:
the fault codes that show up are 25(short in AIS control circuit) and 35 (radiator fan relay).

A: It sounds like  problem with the powertrain control module (PCM). Everything that you are having trouble with and the fact that it sets numerous codes in the PCM makes it likely to be a PCM problem.

Why The Problem Occurs For Sometime?
PCM's will often act up when they get hot and work normally again as they cool. You may be able to run cool water over the PCM or put a fan on it to see if this helps it come back and work quicker, if this allows a shorter time until it works normally again that is a pretty good sign the problem is internal in the PCM. Water may not be the greatest thing due to the age of the car though. There is a sealing/heatsink gel in the PCM that could be dried and cracking, water may make the problem worse.

Other Possibilities:
It's possible that one of the PCM input or output circuits are shorting to power and ground and causing the issue and the codes may shed some light on what circuits are being affected by whatever is happening.

Loose ground connection Issue:
The PCM could also be suffering from a poor power or ground feed. A poor power or ground could cause all of the issues you are having. Before condemning the PCM I would definitely load test the powers and grounds at the time it is acting up.

As Per Error Code Retrieved
It wouldn't hurt to make sure the idle air control motor circuits and cooling fan relay circuits aren't shorting to power or ground at the time this is happening though. If you can prove the wiring for these two components good at the time the codes are setting then you can be confident that you have a PCM problem based on that alone.

This details will help.

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