Sunday, June 16, 2013

2007 Chrysler Pt Cruise Camshaft Sensor

Camshaft Sensor Faulty

Intermittent P0344 Error Code

Q: How To Ohm Test Camshaft Sensor?
Why the Error code is intermittently coming up?

A: Testing Camshaft Sensor

There isn't an ohm specification for the cam sensor to be able to test it in that way. Proper testing of the sensor would involve check it's reference voltage, pullup voltage and sensor ground and looking at it's signal with a labscope while the problem is happening.

Intermittent Camshaft Sensor Error code 

If it is setting a P0344 the powertrain control module (PCM) is seeing an erratic signal from the sensor. Possible causes are the sensor, wiring, connections, the tone magnet, and cam timing issues.

Error Code P0344 Is For Camshaft Sensor

By far the most likely cause for this code is the cam sensor itself. If you're using an aftermarket sensor then that is almost surely the cause of your problem. Aftermarket sensors have shown horrible quality and will very often set a P0344 or even a P0016 right out of the box.

Mopar Parts

If you're using a Mopar sensor and are positive the cam timing and components are ok then look toward a wiring or connection issue. You can try replacing the connector or go over the wiring, you can also try hard wiring the cam sensor circuits at least temporarily if you need to.

This details will help.

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