Friday, June 14, 2013

Chrysler town and country van Power door will not open

Chrysler Power door will not open


Q: Power door will not open but motor runs?

The problem, if you open the door few inches and hit the button or remote it will open the door all the way but if you try and close it the motor runs but it will not close.If the door is completely closed the motor runs but the door will not open at all.


A: As per the problem described it sounds like a motor issue. If the motor is running and the door isn't moving then it's the cable, motor or drive gear.
When you attempt to open the door does it pop off and the drive motor runs yet the door doesn't move? If you're still hearing the motor run but the door doesn't move then it would have to be a problem with the motor, it's drive cable, or the door's drive gear. 

The cable runs from the motor to the drive gear which is at the front lower support.
A cable or gear problem is unlikely, most likely the motor itself is the issue. It contains an electromagnetic clutch and a clutch plate which are most likely slipping if you can still hear the motor running but the door doesn't move.

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