Sunday, September 29, 2013

Chevy impala battery cable diagram

2006 Chevrolet impala battery cable diagram

See below the diagram showing where the Battery cables Front(Drivers side) and Rear (passengers side) go:
Locate the Chevy Impala's battery on the passenger side in a tight spot up against the interior wall.

Below is the right hand battery and junction block.
Starting with the battery on the passenger side, the positive cable splits into 2 and one , 

Labeled A, leg goes directly to the starter, where it is joined with the only positive battery feed from the drivers side battery. The second positive feed from the battery goes into the junction block at the lower passenger side (B)
C runs directly to the intake heater
D feeds the left fuse block
E feeds the glow plug controller
F is the charge wire from the alternator.
Both battery negative cables go directly to the engine block. left and right side. 

See the Battery Cable Diagram:---
Chevrolet Battery cable diagram


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