Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Temperature gauge went up?

Very common problem,lots of car user facing this.
Get the coolant level checked,get the Coolant temperature sensor checked.Do you notice any overheating?
If all this checked ok,then head gasket is issue.
The problem is usually the head gasket. This will cause refrigerant being vaporized inside the engine, loss of compression and overheating.
Same symptoms can be caused by a cracked engine block, but this second fault is far less common.
If the problem is the head gasket, better replacing the gasket rather than the whole block. If the replacement is done by a trained and experienced mechanic, the engine will be fine after the repair.
Replacing the head gasket is not a difficult job, but it takes a lot of work and quite enough time. All fluids must be bleed, the air intake, valve cover, timing cover, belt and head must be removed to replace the head gasket. The head gasket itself is not an expensive part. Labor to replace the gasket is expensive.
If the head gasket is the problem, better replacing the head gasket. Replacing the engine is more expensive, and you do not get any warranty about possible second hand engine block failures.
This details will help.
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