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Cylinder Head Torque Setting

2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Cylinder head bolt torque setting

Timing belt cylinder head torque setting

Once the cylinder head is removed out or to remove cylinder head the proper tool is required.

There is a proper order that the bolts need to be tightened,otherwise the cylinder head will be little loose or may be over-tight.

To install the cylinder head there are few several steps of tightening. 
Perform them in the following order properly,to complete the installation properly:----

  • Tighten bolts in sequence to 58 ft/lbs
  • Loosen all bolts in sequence and not randomly.
  • Tighten all bolts in sequence to 15 ft/lbs
  • Tighten all bolts in sequence an additional 90 degrees (Always keep a colorful markers ready to mark the heads of the bolt,so you can see your rotation in case you lose track)
  • Tighten all bolts in sequence a second 90 degrees

Once you follow these basics the cylinder head is now torqued properly.

If possible always use new bolts.But if old bolts are in good condition then you can re-use them.These bolts are stretch to yield bolts.These bolts loose there shape,gets bit expanded by time. If you are using new bolts, there is no issue; if you are reusing your old bolts, you need to measure them to make sure they are still in specification. From the end of the bolt to the bottom of the bolt head should be no more than 3.91 inches. If it exceeds that length, the bolt should be replaced to avoid any potential breaking/excess stretching on installation.If you still use the same bolt,which is out of its specs then the performance may show up.The cylinder head or timing belt may get damaged.

Please view to these help image/diagram for cylinder head bolt tightening sequence.
These is the correct sequence in which the bolts needs to be tightened.

torque specs

These details will help.

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