Sunday, October 14, 2012

Are Old Car Batteries Faulty

There is no deal with battery old or new.
Its all about the capacity of charge it holds and for how much time it can hold up to that charge.

Yes by its age the battery gets weak and the capacity to hold the charge gets less and due to these reasons the battery shows 12 volt and still needs replacement.

The battery has to be properly checked before considering it OK. The battery requires more than just a voltage level to be good, in that when a battery dies, under most circumstances it will still show ~12.5V. This is because the voltage level is a function of the cells inside the battery. Each cell has approximately 1.75 to 2.25 volt capacity, and in order for a cell to drop below 1.75, it has to physically short/collapse/etc... meaning as long as you do not have a dead cell, you will always have 11V or high in a battery, regardless of it's charge level.So even weak battery will show good voltage.But its all about for how much time it can hold up to that 12 volt charge.

So if you assume that battery is good,but still you think that battery is very old and can be the problem,then dont hesitate to get the battery bench tested to confirm its charging holding and in-charge capacity.
The charge level is only able to be tested by load application, requiring a battery tester. This will determine the total amount of amperage available in the battery, and the effective amperage drop under load.
Getting the battery tested with proper tools will let you know whether is sure shot battery problem or something else causing the battery to get drained and making it low on charge.

These details will help.

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