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Engine Air Intake Cover

2004 Mitsubishi Montero Sports LS Engine Air Intake Cover missing

Some car models had it previously and some don't  I don't think it can be missing.On your particular year car model,there was no such cover installed.

Actually its the plastic cover on top of engine. It covers the spark plug assembly.Its actually the flat piece of plastic that covers the intake manifold and wires, etc... this is referred to as the Engine Air Intake Cover.

There are three different versions of this part depending on year and engine size.You will have to provide your vehicles VIN number.That is 14 digit VIN number to the nearest Mitsubishi service center and they will get you confirm whether these cover was introduced to your vehicle or not.

See the diagram below that shows how the Engine Air Intake Cover Looks 

Intake cover assembly

As per our knowledge and garage repair experience on Mitsubishi car repairs i would say that your vehicle was not supposed to have this cover due to your production date. As per Mitsubishi service center details the 3.5L models Mitsubishi vehicles stopped using the cover in July 2003 on-wards  so if your vehicle has a build date after July 2003.Then you know that on your vehicle there is no such cover introduced by the company. This doesn't mean it may not have come with it when it was new by accident, but by date it wasn't supposed to have it any more.

But in case if you really want to add these cover to your vehicles intake system,then you can definitely.But just you should get right cover fitting,that will get fit on your car model.

If you wanted to add one we would use the late 2003/early 2004 part number which would be MD339615. 

If you wanted the "3500" sticker on the side (shown in the left top corner of the illustration I provided), it is part number MD339994.
You would also want the one long bolt MF140218 ($2) and three short bolts MF140205 ($0.50).
These parts are available at  car parts stores or you can order it online through 


These online site sells all parts at 25% off MSRP. 
So that would save some dollars for you.

Again just to be clear, there is no harm in going without this as it was eliminated mid-year in 2004.

These details will help.

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