Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dash Lights And Front Marker Lights Flashing On And Off


Mitsubishi Dash Board Lights Front Marker Lights flashing ON & OFF with engine not turning over.

All the issue started after alternator was replaced.
The problem noticed on 1999 Mitsubishi Montero

These is Security related issue and your vehicles security system needs to be reset.

On these cases the RED alarm warning light will come up ON dash.

On the dashboard see to the left of the steering wheel and see if you have a red LED.That is Alarm warning light/the security system light.

That has to be reset.

The reset procedure is as follows:----

  1. First disconnect battery then wait for a minute then again reconnect so that the alarm is "going off"
  2. After that insert the key into the ignition like regular.
  3. Press the red LED and hold it down (it will go down about 1/16" inch).That red led is like a button,which can be pressed down by gently pushing it in inward direction.
  4. Please don't release that red LED button.Keep it pressed.While holding the LED, turn the key to the Start position and the alarm should cancel and allow starting again.
If these no start issue and interior light blinking is related to security system getting disabled,then these simple procedure will solve your issue,but if the problem is not related to security system getting disabled,then in that case the dashboard wiring,fuse in fuse box and alternator wiring needs to be checked/inspected.Anyways the problem started after replacing the alternator.So its quite possible that some wires or component got moved or got mis-connected wrongly causing these problem.

These details will help.

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