Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1998 Pontiac Firebird: Both Front Turn signals not working?

Front turn signals not functioning.

Normally the problem is in the front lights. This can either be in the wiring connector that goes to the headlight motor and front park lights, or it can be in the front park/turn light socket. Most of the time it is the socket that is faulty. These sockets are available through the dealers parts department and most auto parts stores.

But before that,try this possibility

See whether the dash indicator flash when turn signal lever is turned on and off, or does it stay lit up solid?
If it stays solid and does not flash then here is the problem.

This is due to the circuit back feeding from the front lights, due to bad grounds in the bulb sockets. Remove the front bulbs, then see if you can make the dash indicators flash on and off when the lever is moved. If you can then the problem is in the front bulb sockets.

This details will help.

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  1. I am currently having this issue with no flash, however I have done a few upgrades in the same period to the lighting. I replaced the incandescent with LEDs now the signal on dash is solid, however I also at the same time replaced the headlights to HID. I replaced one of the sockets as that is what I have kind of found most to say the issue is. After socket replace same thing however if I put the incandescent back in it blinks.. I ordered som cheap LEDs I think maybe causing the problems but is hazards are on they blink. I just ordered new housings, pigtails will try that and if all else fails I'm going back to the incadecents any advice