Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Auto Radio Shutoff Not working?

The problem noticed on Pontiac G5 2008 model.
The Auto radio shut off  not working.The Dome light comes on when the door is opened.
Door Handel works fine.

On basic of this details the troubleshooting for this problem is as follows :---

First check and confirm Will the radio shut off when any door other than the drivers door is opened?
If NO then.

As its mentioned that dome light comes on,
The problem is then in the BCM (body control module). The BCM controls operation of the door locks, dome lights, security system and accessory power to the radio. Since the dome light comes on, we know the switch in the door is okay and that the BCM is receiving the signal, it is just not shutting down accessory power to the radio. The fix is going to be to replace the BCM. The new BCM has to be programmed by the dealer after installation.

This details will help.

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