Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reset theft determent system?

The issue is for old model Cadillac Allante car model.

The Vehicle not starting due to Theft deterrent system.

On basic of this the troubleshooting possibilities are as follows:----

The Theft system cannot be reset on this car models but it can be by passed.

Go through this detailed helpful procedure with help diagrams :---

There is no reset for this system. It either works or it does not. When it fails, it is normally due to the small wires coming off the ignition lock cylinder breaking. The fix is either to replace the ignition lock cylinder or to bypass the wiring as shown below.



Also read the further helpful details

The VATS system has the visible chip in the key. This system was also called Passkey. It disables both the starter and the fuel injectors. See system diagram below.


This will help.

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