Monday, April 16, 2012

No brake lights on Buick?

Problem noticed on 1994 Buick Regal Grand Sports.
The brake lights not coming ON.
The bulbs are fine,but no power coming to the bulb socket.The Power /voltage is noticed at brake light switch.

On the basis of the details the troubleshooting options are as follows:---

Read as follows :---
If there is power from the brake switch on the white wire (orange is battery feed in at all times and white is switch output) that goes thru the multifunction switch and back to the lamps. Does the cruise control work when engaged?

If the  the cruise control  works that means the brake switch is working and doing its' thing. Then  the turn signal/multifunction switch has to be checked,where the power can "get lost" for the brakes as there are many circuits going thru that switch and for whatever reason the brake lights usually go out first.

So if the brake light switch,brake lamps and brake wiring is checked ok,then the cruise control and turn signal switch has to be checked inspected.This will lead towards the faulty part.

This details will help.

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