Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Transmission in reverse, acts like its in neutral?

The Problem noticed on Oldsmobile 2001 car model.

The gears shifts to drive/forward model and runs fine.But when in reverse it seems like its in neutral mode.

As per the details mentions the troubleshooting is as follows :---

Reverse is not electronically engaged, so when reverse fails it is always due to a mechanical failure. This will require a rebuild or replacement of the transmission.

Its not dangerous to drive the vehicle in this state.But advisable to get it repaired to avoid further damage to transmission related components.

You are typically looking at around $1600 for a rebuild with a good warranty.
Before spending such huge amount on 2001 year car.Its advisable to get the cars condition inspected.If the car is maintained well then spending such amount is advisable.Otherwise not.

This details will help.

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