Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2007 Cadillac DTS: Its Not Faulty AIR Intake Pump?

In this case the Previous mechanic told that Check engine light is ON due to faulty AIR intake Pump in Cadillac dts model.So he reset the code by scan tool.The Engine light turned off but came Again after few days.

On basis of this description,the troubleshooting of this problem is as follows:----

Most of the time the problem is water intrusion into the air pump. This shorts out the air pump motor. Then the fix involves replacing the air pump and making sure all air line connections are sealed to prevent future occurrences.

If it is the pump, the engine light would stay on, as the pump failure would be noted by the computer on every cold startup. A more likely problem is going to be a part that is failing intermittently like a check valve that is sticking or a failing pump relay. These repairs are minor in comparison to pump replacement. This is the only way the light would stay off for a Few days.

While pump failure is common there is no way the light will stay OFF for few days with a bad pump motor.

So its not faulty AIR Pump.

This details will help.

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