Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Replacing Front wheel bearings on 2000 Chevy Venture

Its not an easy task.A mechanical knowledge with proper tools/ parts are required.

The front wheel bearings are sealed. They must be replaced as a unit. If you feel comfortable doing a brake job yourself then you should be able to tackle this repair. Biggest part of the project is removal of the axle nut.
You will need a 36 mm socket and a large breaker bar. Once the nut is removed and the wheel, brake caliper and brake rotor, then you only have 3 more bolts holding the hub (and bearing) in place.

See the help diagram shown below:---

One thing to look out for is that if the wheel hits a curb, the bearing could be noisy without having any play in the bearing. Probably better off to purchase a new bearing.

Also see more help diagrams:----




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