Monday, April 16, 2012

Brake lights not working on 1989 BUICK REGAL?

The problem is noticed on 1989 Buick regal vehicle.
The brake light is not working.

On basis of this details,the troubleshooting of this problem is as follows;---

Basically for this problem,a circuit diagram showing brake wiring is required.I will provide one with details.

If you look at this diagram you can see the High brake lamp on the right side, this is fed directly from the stop lamp switch. The rest of the brake lamps run through the turn switch

If your turn signals work try the hazard flashers .

See the diagram shown below:---


The turn switch connector is at the base of the right side of the steering column. Check the white wire of the turn switch connector for power when you actuate the high brake light. If you have power at the white wire the turn switch will have to be replaced.

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