Monday, April 16, 2012

Passenger side temperature is warm air out of dash vents?

Problem noticed on 2004 Chevrolet Suburban ,the drivers side temp seems to work normally and the passenger side temp is warmer.

On basis of this details the troubleshooting is as follows :---

First thing, have you relearned the HVAC actuators by pulling the ATC fuse for 30 seconds then reinstalling the fuse? If not I would advise you to first try that.

Also read this further details ..........

 The air delivery and temperature is controlled by electric 4 different actuators. You have one for the air delivery mode (defrost, floor, dash, etc). You have one for recirculation or fresh air, and then you have two (driver and passenger) temp actuators. Most commonly the actuators fail. They sometimes travel outside of their calibrated range and will freeze up completely causing the temp or whatever door it controls unchangeable. There is also an updated HVAC calibration that helps with the actuator traveling out of range. Most often even with an intermittent concern like yours i find that replacing the actuator is what fixes the concern.

The actuators have a grease that tends to thicken over time, this explains why the actuator works when the vehicle has been sitting in direct sunlight in 95 + degree temperature.

This details will help.

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