Friday, May 25, 2012

1996 Dodge Grand Caravan: Parking Brake Cable Broken?

How to replace Parking brake cable.

When the cable is broken,it has to be replaced.

First you will have to confirm which parking brake cable is broken and then it has to be replaced.

which parking brake cable - right rear, left rear, intermediate(connects rear cables to front cable), or the front parking brake cable?

I will provide details for all of that.

The details with diagrams are as follows:-----

Here are directions to replace the broken cable:

Raise vehicle on jackstands or centered on a hoist.
Manually lockout the automatic self adjusting mechanism of the park brake pedal assembly.
Remove the intermediate and left rear park brake cable from the park brake cable equalizer .

brake cable assembly

Remove the front park cable housing retainer from body outrigger bracket .. Cable is removable by sliding a 14 mm box wrench over cable retainer and compressing the three retaining fingers. Alternate method is to use an aircraft type hose clamp and screwdriver.

See the help diagram shown below:------
parking brake cable

Once this is done Lower the vehicle.

For other parking brake cable removal,the details and diagrams are as follows:----

Remove the left front door sill molding.
Remove the left front kick panel for access to the park brake cable and park brake pedal assembly.
Lift floor mat for access to park brake cable and floor pan. Pull the seal and the park brake cable out of the floor pan of vehicle.

See the help diagram for this procedure:----

dodge parking brake cable

Pull park brake cable strand end forward and disconnect button from clevis. Tap cable housing end fitting out of pedal assembly bracket.
Remove cable retainer from the park brake pedal assembly bracket.
Pull park brake cable assembly out of vehicle through hole in floor pan.

The installing procedure is as follows:-----

Pass park brake cable assembly through hole in floor pan from the inside of the vehicle.
Pass cable strand button through the hole in the pedal assembly bracket.
Install cable retainer onto the park brake cable and then install cable retainer into pedal assembly bracket.
Install the end of the park brake cable into the retainer previously installed into the park brake pedal bracket.
Install cable strand button into the clevis on the park brake pedal mechanism.
Install the front park brake cable floor pan seal into hole in floor pan. Seal is to be installed so the flange on the seal is flush with the floor pan Fold carpeting back down on floor.
Raise vehicle.
Insert brake cable and housing into body outrigger bracket making certain that housing retainer fingers lock the housing firmly into place
Assemble the park brake cables onto the park brake cable equalizer
Lower vehicle and apply the park brake pedal 1 time, this will seat the park brake

This details will help.

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