Thursday, May 24, 2012

2006 Ford Focus: Steering Wheel shakes and vibrates?

While driving the vehicle at highway speed the Shaking and vibration is noticed on steering wheel for few seconds.

This is not constant vibration.It just shakes for few seconds then again stops and then again vibrates and this cycle continues.

In this types of cases first see do you notice any type of check engine light or any other warning lif\ght coming up on dash.If YES,then get the vehicle computer scanned to retrieve error codes stored in computer.That error code will point towards faulty part and you can continue your troubleshooting.

But if there is no warning light at all then its not error code related.

Then other thing to be inspected is noise.When the vehicle shakes and vibrates do you hear any king of clicking or rumbling or ticking noise from any where or its not making any noise.If its making any noise then reach that area from where noise is getting heard and from there you can start making your further troubleshooting.

But if no noise is heard and just the shake/vibrate issue then ,

usually a shaking/vibration felt in the steering wheel is tire/wheel related, but may be in the drivetrain, so we need to isolate the area of concern which is quite easy to do.

Take for a test drive and get up to highway speed where the shaking occurs. As soon as it starts shaking put the transmission in neutral. If the shaking immediately goes away, then it is drivetrain related. If shaking is still there, then it is in the tire/wheels area.

If tires/wheels, first the tires need to be carefully inspected for signs of belt separation - knots or goose eggs on tires, lumps on sidewall of tire, irregular tread wear, and also check for dents in rims. If all are ok, then the wheel hub bearings will need to checked for play and replaced as needed.

If shaking immediately stopped when put in neutral, then cv shafts need to checked for excess play, and right side cv axle needs to be checked for center bearing being bad. If cv shafts are good, then the transaxle itself will need to be inspected.

This details will help.

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