Thursday, May 24, 2012

2005 Cadillac SRX: How to Replace Power Mirror?

Power mirror not working or damaged.If its confirmed that mirror unit is faulty then it has to be replaced.First inspect the power mirror controlling fuse and the switch which operated the mirror.If both checked ok,then check the wires.If the voltage is checked ok at wires and connectors but mirror is inoperative,then power mirror assembly has to be replaced.

Below is the details procedure mentioned ,that will help to remove and install power mirror.

To replace the power mirror, you have to remove the door trim panel first:
If the window glass is up,then make it down.

See the diagram shown below:-----


Once this is done continue further to remove bezel
See the diagram shown below:----

remove bezel

Once the bezel is out,remove the door trim cover.See the diagrams shown below:-----

door trim panel

Now remove the Door trim,as shown below in the diagram:-----

door trim

Now once the Door trim is out,replacing power mirror can be performed.

See below the details and diagrams:-----

replace power mirror

The installation is in reverse or removal.
This details will help.

Hope all goes well.

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