Thursday, May 24, 2012

2007 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71: Radio Amplifier and Sound System Speakers Wiring System?

The complete Radio and Speaker wiring System.

The Vehicle uses Factory installed Two way Radio System.It uses Bose Amplifier System.

The Fuse that controls the Bose Amplifier is located under hood.

The Bose Amplifier itself is located under the console.
For Bose Amplifier Location in the Chevy Tahoe model.See the diagram Shown below:-----

that it is under the console(#6 in diagram)

radio Amplifier

For Ampere Wiring Diagram See the Wiring Diagram Shown below:-----

it has 8 speakers,plus the sub. 4 doors, front and rear pillars. There is a  service tag info for Speaker details which you can see from the glove box that  will help you narrow it down. -

radio amplifier wiring

To get to the Amplifier under the console you need to remove the seats.The Bolts that hold the seat is E-20 size.

This vehicle actually has additional speakers than those displayed in the pinout, tweeters and a sub-woofer.

See the Rest of Speakers wiring Diagram shown below:-----

subwoofer speaker wiring

radio chevy wiring

speakers wiring diagram

This details will help.

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