Thursday, May 24, 2012

2000 Nissan Maxima: Will not Shift out of Park?

The Shifter will not shift out of park mode.
In some cases you will notice that pressing the brake pedal few times help to get it out of park mode.
But the problem starts again,once the vehicle gets into park mode.

There are two things that can cause such problem.

Either faulty brake light switch or the issue with shift interlock solenoid.

You have a faulty brake light switch. This switch also is used in the shift interlock system and when it starts failing, you will have problems getting it out of park. Pumping the brakes further verifies that this is the problem.

You will need to replace or have replaced the brake light switch. It is located at the top of the brake pedal at brake pedal bracket.

It costs around $25 for the switch and about $30 labor to install it.

To confirm the problem is brake light switch.Turn the ignition switch to ON and press the brake pedal.And see if brake lights are coming up or not.If no brake lights are illuminating,then problem is brake light switch.

But if brake light switch is checked ok and brake lights working fine then check the other possibility.

The center console will need to be removed and then the shift interlock solenoid tested for 12v when this occurs. If power present, then shift interlock solenoid is replaced. If no power, then the wiring harness between the brake switch and shift interlock solenoid will have to be physically traced and short in harness repaired.

For more help.see the diagram to go through:-----

shift solenoid and park position switch

This details will help.

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