Thursday, May 24, 2012

2006 Honda Pilot: Air comes out of intake throttle valve?

The problem in most cases is Flow of air gets thrown out every-time the engine is shut off.And this also makes noise and can be heard on driver side.

The Air is getting out of intake throttle valve.

This issue is related to faulty IAC also called as idle air control valve.Either is dirty or faulty.First remove the valve clean it and reinsert and check the problem.If its still there,then replace the IAC valve.

This is a faulty IACV(idle air control valve), and is a fairly common failure of this type. 

See the Idle Valve location shown in the diagram:-------
idle air control valve

You can try removing it and cleaning it and see if it still makes the noise. If it does, then replace at that point.

There are 2 different 3.5L engines for the 2006 Pilot.

This one has an electronic throttle body in which the TP sensor and IAC valve are integrated into the throttle body.

Remove the throttle body and clean and reinstall. If noise continues, you have to replace the whole electronic throttle body assembly.

This details will help.

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