Monday, November 19, 2012

2006 ford Taurus "dash lights" not working

The dashboard lights stopped working. All other lights seem to be fine

If they do not or seem dim make sure that the dimmer switch is not turned down. This switch is near the headlight switch and if turned down the dash will appear to not have any lights. This switch if turned all the way up will also turn on the dome lamps.

If its faulty shorted bulb,then bulbs are to be replaced.

You will need to pull the instrument cluster and replace the bulbs. Their are 5 bulbs in the cluster

Check the fuse box diagram for Ford Taurus:----

fuse box diagram ford

fuse panel ford

You may have a short circuit in the headlight switch that is causing voltage to feed back through another circuit to the left turn indicator rather than to the lights. Since the fuse of the park/interior lamps is good and the lights still don't work, it comes down to the headlight switch. 

Check this ground wire,
It should be bolted good an tight.
It is in the trunk behind the ridht side plastic trim.
testing ground wire

These details will help.


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