Thursday, November 22, 2012

2001 ford F150 sunroof stuck


Sunroof stuck up closed,these problem is due to faulty sunroof switch or issue with faulty blown sunroof fuse.

Or its faulty motor,which slides the sunroof top open and close.

There can be number of electrical issues, the simplest being a blown fuse.
First check the fuse panel for the window operation fuse; if it's blown, replace it.

On some cases there is a leak noticed from side tracks of sunroof,these is due to cracked or wornout seals causing the water to leak.Replacing the worn out old seals with new seals will hail the problem.

Sunroof is open,but now it will not close,on that case the problem is faulty sunroof switch.
First check power to the sunroof control fuse.If there is power then it can be faulty switch.

In that case you have to manually close the sunroof.

These manual procedure is not present on all vehicles but on some vehicles the procedure is there to close the stuck open sunroof,

First locate the round plastic cover behind the roof . It must be located on top on the roof  ceiling. Pry off the plastic cover to reveal the Allen bolt for the sunroof motor.
Now once you located the bolt,With an Allen wrench, close the roof manually by turning the bolt counterclockwise.
That is what motor does,when switch is powering the motor.
But if switch is faulty,then motor will not receive the signal from sunroof switch and it will not run to close the sunroof.

On some Ford F150 there is a small Allen socket in the center of the drive gear case on the motor, which you can stick an Allen-socket in and crank the roof back closed.

sunroof is stuck open, the motor will make a noise when trying to open more, but does nothing when trying to close...no noise no movement.

On some cases the issue is with motor and not the switch.

The problem occurs same if switch is faulty or motor is faulty.

Remove the headliner, and manually close the sunroof with a star bit and screwdriver.
once the headliner is out, or pulled down enough to access the motor, which is directly behind the the back of the sunroof.
Use the star bit with a screwdriver and manually crank it closed.
The problem was motor and replacing the motor solved the issue.

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