Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Truck Light Gate will not operate

Saturn Outlook Liftgate will not function right

Issue noticed on 2007 Saturn Outlook vehicle/.

The light gate will not open

First thing,there is a fuse that controls the function of liftgate.If the fuse is blown out,then lift gate will not operate.Other thing is faulty liftgate latch.
If the latch gets stuck up hard,then it can also cause such problem.

Auto lift gate and Manual operating liftgate.

Auto operating lift gate:-----

Condition :---- Power Lift Gate only opens as a manual gate.But will not work by its auto feature.

The possibilities for such problem:------

1. I/P switch turned off ( I/P means Instrument Panel).

2. Low Battery voltage.

3. Low outside air temperature (-29°C (-21°F)).

4. Very high outside temperature increases temperature inside vehicle above (81°C (175°F))

Possibilities you can try to correct these issues:-----

1. Turn the IP switch on.( IP means instrument panel).

2. Charge the battery.

3. The power liftgate will become inoperative at very cold temperatures, such as those below -29°C (-20°F), and will need to be operated manually. 

NOTE:--- The mechanism should return to normal operation after the temperature range reaches permissible level.

4. The power liftgate will become inoperative at very high temperatures, such as those above 81°C (175°F), and will need to be operated manually. 

NOTE:---The mechanism should return to normal operation after the temperature range reaches permissible level.


The possibility is faulty  liftgate latch assembly but you will want to check the fuse as well as the relay.

Both fuse and relay located in fuse box under dash.

The fuse box located up under the sound insulator, (hush panel) on the right side,

Check the link below for Saturn Outlook fuse box location:--
2007 Saturn Outlook Fuse Box

See below Liftgate Fuse location details and Wiring diagram shown:----

Lift gate Fuse

Lift gate fuse is mentioned as L/Gate fuse in the fuse box diagram

See below Lift gate Wiring diagram for Saturn :----

saturn liftgate fuse and relay

Both Fuse and relay location including wiring diagram for lift gate is provided.

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