Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brake lights not working

Brake light on  Buick Park Avenue not working.

The possibilities can be faulty brake light switch or issue with brake light itself or its fuse blown out.

Turn signal lights and Hazard Flashers work ok,but brake light not turning on.

In that case i first suggest to test the brake light switch to brake light lamp wiring

View at the stop lamp switch, you will see there is an orange and a light blue wire.
Now out of these two wires the orange wire needs to be hot at all times.
If not, check the "STOP" fuse in the underhood electrical center. If  fuse is checked ok then...........

check for power at the light blue wire when the brake pedal is depressed. If no power, the switch is faulty and needs to be replaced.
But before light switch replacement,i suggest check the condition of wires.If wires look worn out r pinched in between.Then its wiring issue and switch has to be rewired.

If power is ok on the light blue wire when the pedal is depressed, then the problem is between the brake switch and the rear tail lights. That could get complicated to troubleshoot

You will need brake system wiring diagram..
See below the wiring diagram for your Buick brake system

Please confirm properly does the "stop" fuse actually have power to both sides of it when touched from the top with a test light? If the fuse has power to both sides, then there is a wiring problem between the fuse block and the brake switch.
here is a diagram shown below:----

buick brake wiring diagram

Now if there is no power to either side of fuse then  run a + wire to the switch from 12 volt source.

Or you can use the fused wire to save time at this point.

These details will help.

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