Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Saturn Fuse Box Diagram

2001 Saturn S1 Fuse Box Diagram

Wipers not working.
Except fuse all other possibilities checked OK.

There are two fuse box on Saturn S1 vehicle.

One under dash and other underhood near the battery in engine compartment.

The wiper fuse is in the fuse panel that is inside the car. It should be a 25amp fuse.
The inside fuse panel that is located at the front of the console on the passengers side. 
The other fuse box is for the underhood fuse/relay panel. 
Fuse number #8 The fuse legend is on the inside of the cover. The wiper fuse is the top right 25 AMP fuse.

The fuse box diagram for Saturn S1 is as follows:-----

The wiper 25 AMP fuse is towards top right corner in the image.
instrument panel fuse box

These details will help.


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