Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jeep:Radiator fan won't turn off

Engine Cooling Fan will run Non-stop forever

Even with ignition off the fan runs non-stop.

These drains the battery in few hours.

Problem noticed in 1998 Jeep Cherokee

If the fan is running,these clears that fuse is OK.Because if fuse is blown,the fan will not turn ON.

The doubt goes on cooling fan relay.The relay is got bypassed.

The fan relay is likely shorted and keeping the fan motor energize
To check this you can remove the relays from the fuse panel
Remove the cooling fan rely from the underhood fuse box

See below Power distribution center fuse box diagram shown below:----

1998 Jeep Cherokee Fuse box

underhood fuse box

You have to see the section marked "C" which is the Cooling Fan Relay

the relay is a square black plastic box, the relay/fuse box is next to the battery. It is a long (10" x 5") black box with a plastic cover that swings up from one of the long ends.
Pull the relay out and see if Fan stops running or not.

Beside radiator cooling fan relay there are many other relays too,insert that relays in place of cooling fan relay and see if fan functions right or not.

But if you swap the relay and same issue with new relay or another relay too,then another possibility is faulty ignition switch.These is because when you turn on the ignition the fan relay and other relay gets power,if the ignition switch is off then another relay should not get power.Test voltage at ignition switch with ignition off,no volt should be there.If yes then ignition switch is faulty causing the problem.

These details will help.

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