Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feels like backfire from engine when decelerating?

This backfire problem from engine while decelerating has multiple possibilities.

1) A faulty muffler can cause the problem.To confirm this check Worn Internal Baffles, Exhaust Leaks.

2) A faulty exhaust manifold can cause the problem.To confirm this check Cracked Manifold, Loose Mounting Bolts, Leaking Doughnut Gasket.

3) A issue with wire set.To confirm this check Worn or Damaged Spark Plug Wires.

4) A problem with Distributor cap.To confirm this check Loose, Cracked or Worn Distributor Cap.

5) A problem with spark plug. To confirm this inspect condition of spark plug,if Fouled, Damaged, or Broken Spark Plug(s).

6) Timing Specification Incorrect Ignition Timing can cause backfire.

7) On carburetor engine, Worn or Faulty Carburetor Resulting in Lean Fuel Mixture can cause backfire.

8) Burned, Worn, or Sticking Exhaust Valves can cause backfire.

9) Broken or inoperative Air Switching Solenoid can cause backfire.

This possibilities are to be checked.
To confirm the problem.

This will help.

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