Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Diagnostic Code P2195 on Toyota Avalon touring?

In this case,the customer is here because the repair cost which he got from Toyota dealership is too much.
The customer got check engine light and VSC light ON dash.After getting the error code scanned.It showed P2195.

The dealer ship mentioned it as a faulty O2 sensor and because Toyota does not make a direct replacement, he will need other sensors and manifold replaced too.And the cost for this is about $1500.

And there is also service bulletin TBS 0114-08 released by Toyota on this types of problem,which other Toyota Avalon users are also facing.
On this basis the troubleshooting details for this problem is as follows:------

First of all let me clarify a few things. This is not an O2 sensor fault,it is an air fuel ratio sensor or AFR sensor problem. The technical service bulletin that is referred to doesn't say that you have to replace the exhaust manifold. Proper testing needs to be done to confirm whether or not there is an issue with the catalyst or the manifold itself.
 This code mostly sets because the air fuel ratio sensor is stuck in the lean signal mode. The manufacturing process of the sensor has been changed to correct this problem. In most of the time you can get by with just changing the air fuel ratio sensor. This is a DENSO AFR sensor. It can be purchased at any or most auto-parts stores or the dealer can sell the sensor to you separately. A lot of guys damage the manifold threads when trying to remove the sensor. If the sensor cracks loose then gets tight do not force it. Get some brake fluid, yes I mean brake fluid, and apply it to the base of the sensor on the manifold. Let it set for a few minutes work the sensor back and forth and it will come right out. The air fuel ratio sensor itself sells for about $250. More than likely this is all you're going to need. There are several bulletins with regard to these air fuel ratio sensor problems. As per the problem description provided I would not replace the manifold but replace the AFR sensor.
Getting proper inspection done will always help to know and confirm the problem.

This details will help.

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