Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Using non-AFS headlamp assembly for AFS assembly?

This query was asked for Lexus RX 330 car model.In this case the headlamp stopped working due to moisture and condensation.

The VIN number is JTJGA31U850059087.

As per this win number its not possible.

Lexus dealer suggests to replace whole headlight assembly.But the cost is Approx $1300 Plus labor charge $400.

On this details,the possibilities to solve this problem is as follows.

The only thing that is available is the adaptive road lighting system. Because of the design of the headlight for the bulbs to follow the direction on a slight turn the headlights are not interchangeable. Your vehicle identification number list two different style headlights. 
One retails for $650 and one retails for $305. The reason the dealer is selling entire assembly is because without taking care of what's causing the moisture to get into the headlight you will only damage the high intensity discharge bulbs or H ID bulbs. 
These are very expensive. You can dry the headlight out with a hair dryer and compressed air. The other issue that you will have even if you found someone that did not have the adaptive headlights and could make them work the electrical system would not match and would not plug into the headlight bulbs. If you're mechanically inclined you might want to try and remove the headlight dry it out with a hair dryer then use silicone sealer around all the different seams that may be leaking causing moisture to enter the headlight. If you go to www.myLexparts.com you can purchase these headlight assemblies if you need to at wholesale parts prices. You can save about 25% off the list price.

Also one more possibility 
There are some online auto parts store that sell the headlight assembly that is exactly the same but without the AFS. It will fix your light  issue but will not be a moving light. It appears to have the same wiring plugs as mine.
That will help.

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