Monday, February 20, 2012

Trunk release Problem on Toyota Camry?

One of our customer noticed trunk release problem on his Toyota Camry car.
The trunk release lever will not move.

This car has remote trunk release.
The remote control with the electronic trunk release mechanism/button on the remote.
There is a trunk release button on the remote.

Check and confirm if its working fine.
If yes,continue further troubleshooting.

Look at the lock cylinder in the trunk lid is the key slot vertical or straight up and down or is it horizontal the left and right? 
It should be straight up and down position.

Now try this procedure and see if its helping:----
With the trunk lid open take screwdriver and close the latch mechanism as if it was pushed down onto the striker and locks into place.You can use a small blade screwdriver to do this. Then use the remote release button to open the trunk.Listen for the actuator. Does the cable move at the latch mechanism and at the same time is there a actuator noise coming from the left rear quarter panel?

There is a mechanism directly behind the key lock where the release cable is attached should move.
If its not moving,then there lies the problem.

Basically there are 
There are two different style release mechanisms for this car. 
One uses a separate actuator that is mounted over behind the carpeting on the left-hand side of the trunk in the quarter panel area. Then there is a style that the trunk release cable goes up into the deck lid and there is another drive motor for the release mechanism with a smaller cable or direct attachment to the latch assembly itself. Remove the left carpeting from the quarter panel and see if you can't locate the trunk lid cable or actuator if you have that style. When you pull the trunk release cable inside the vehicle do you feel any resistance as if it's pulling on the cable at all?
Refer this procedure twice and understand the procedure properly.

If in your car the cable runs from the key/lock mechanism about 9 inches above the actual lock.
Then check this, hold your hand on the lever itself and press the cable in ,can you  feel something moving.
it sounds like it may have broken the latch mechanism inside the vehicle. To gain access to this you need to pull up the plastic stuff plate on the bottom side of the door area. This will allow you to unclip the carpeting and roll it back over. Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove the 14 mm bolts under the plastic covers that hold the four corners of the driver seat down. This will allow you to simply tip the seat back to fully pull the carpeting up to inspect the cable mechanism at the back of this latch assembly. It would be difficult but  not impossible for it to break or become dislodged.Go slow,do it gently.

For Additional help i will say ....
remove the front seat bolts and pull back the carpet to reveal the bolt holding the assembly to the frame. After removing the bolt  you can to pull the lever out to expose where the cable runs under the lever.Now here you can see the the cable itself has broken or just after where its attached to lever.Or the cable is fine and lever is broken.If the cable is broken,then only replace the cable. If the lever is broken. The lever assembly has to be replaced. 
In most cases the cable is broken and has to be replaced.
It can be purchased at any Toyotaparts store or they can order it for you. If you do a Google search for an online Toyota parts store you can purchase it at wholesale prices. Retail cost for trunk release cable is approx $35. Replacing the cable is not that big deal.
Properly follow it back under the scuff plates up along the left rear quarter panel inner trim and up through the trunk hinge area.The other end of cable is connected to cylinder shaped piece which connects to the lever.

This details will help.

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