Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to open Stuck up bonnet on Volvo s40?

Many Volvo users notice this types of problems.
cannot open bonnet from inside car cable stretched to far.
Can you get some pliers on the cable and try pulling on the cable inside. Then have someone push down on the hood and quickly lift it.

The cable release mechanism on the bonnet has broken.
Try removing the bottom pan cover to get to the secondary release mechanism.

The best way to open the hood is to have someone push down on it while you are pulling the cable. If need be then you will have to lay down under the front of the vehicle and reach up in there with a screwdriver and activate the latch, where the cable goes.

The only other way would be to get in there with a small wrench, (10mm) and undolt the latch itself. If you can access any part of the cable from under the hood, in the grill area, you can cut the outer housing and strip it to where you can grab the cable itself and pull on it, (while someone pushes down on the hood).

Properly check to see if the cable is broken inside at the release handle, if it is you can grab it with a pair of plies and pull to release it. if it is not you can see the latch behind the grille in the center and using a 1/4" socket and long extension you might be able to unbolt the latch to open the hood enough to release it. All the release mechanism is behind the latch and will be hard to trigger. looking thru the grill on the drivers side you will see the cable you might be able to grab and hook the release lever with something like a coat hanger, you would need to go behind the latch and pull the lever towards the drivers side of the car.

This procedure will help.

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