Tuesday, February 21, 2012

OBD Code is cleared but check engine light will not RESET?

In this particular problem,the customer replaced timing belt and still the check engine light is not getting cleared.

Its steady ON,not flashing.

On basis of the problem,the details are as follows.

First of all,check engine light will not clear directly.The car has to be driven for few miles to get the engine light reset.
The computer in the car has still not seen the part replaced.Once the ECM detects the new parts,the engine light will reset or there is any other problem.

This is a two trip detection logic it would take two drive cycles of this malfunction to occur in order the check engine light to reset. There is a possibility that the VVT I actuator could be sticking also causing the correlation timing problem. However this normally is associated by rough idle or loss of power. Provided the check engine light does not start to flash you should be okay to drive. This is of course unless it has jump time. You stated that you had already replaced the timing belt. Provided the water pump or some other component is not starting to fail the timing belt should still be in good condition. Please be advised that this is an interference engine. If the belt becomes too far out of time or breaks you will damage the engine.So drive two cycles and see if the code clears.Otherwise recheck parts replaced again.

This will help.

see below latest help solutions.

Below is the master help link provided to go through belt routing diagram:---
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