Wednesday, February 22, 2012

OBD code P0500 on LEXUS RX 300?

This problem is noticed on 1999 Lexus RX 300.
In this case the OBD code P0500 was noticed.

Many other Lexus car users too have noticed this OBD code P0500 on there car and replaced VSS.That is Speed sensor.The speed sensor located on transmission.

But i would really like to say,that on Lexus 1999 model there is no speed sensor on transmission.On some model there is but on most of model there is no speed sensor on transmission.

The system uses four wheel speed sensors which send a signal to the vehicle skid control computer then there is a signal conditioning then a four pulse signal is sent to the combination meter where there is another speed sensor then that signal is condition and sent to the engine control computer.

If your Lexus have vehicle skid control and traction control.Then there is no speed sensor on transmission.

There is no speed sensor in the transmission for the speedometer. The Speed sensor that it sounds like which others  replace is for the turbine input shaft. That has nothing to do with the code P0500 that is set. Your vehicle uses for individual wheel speed sensors.There are in total 4 wheel speed sensors.One wheel has each. It is unlikely that any one of those are bad otherwise you would have another code set in the vehicle skid control computer. You need to confirm whether not you have any of these wheel speed sensor codes set in that computer. If you do not then without an oscilloscope is difficult to determine what's going on here.

The working procedure of your Lexus car system is explained below.
The system functions as follows:-------
For individual wheel speed sensors send input to the vehicle skid control computer the vehicle skid control computer interprets that data and sends a square wave signal to the speedometer head. This drives the speedometer needle. From there the signal is conditioned to a different square wave and sent to the engine control computer. This code only sets when the computer does not see that signal coming from the speedometer head. If all four wheel speed sensors check okay you're probably looking at a bad speedometer head/speed sensor. There could also be issues in the wiring or pin fits. This is very difficult system to diagnose even for an average mechanic.A profession Lexus mechanic or at Lexus dealership it can be rectified.
This will help.

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